KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

16 February 2007


5 kind-hearted labels; Utarid tapes, Wisma Stereo, Third Arm, Papakerma and Protocrust confirmed putting out our upcoming EP on cassettes. They also planning on a release party (yay!). You could expect this happening before we left for the Java tour.By hook or by crook! KID

13 February 2007

We gonna hit Melaka for a jam session this 10th March.
We tried asking other bands to tag along with us, but they seems to be reluctant since its gonna be just a small show with 3 other bands.
I just dont get the attitude, after all you guys been bugging me for a gig!

Oh well, fuck your band. Go play Rock The World! Kid.

Eh wait, we supposed to record for the Wisma Stereo’s compilation by end of the month or sometime in early March. For all the COOL kids who’ll be coming to our next jam session, you guys will be getting our rare-rehearsal recordings.

05 February 2007


A gig with Blood on Wedding Dress, Devillica, Infinite Delay, Daighila and superfast mathcore peers,
we must be the slowest band last nite.

Personally I'm so excited that we got to play with my old band, Quest of Quasar.
Dig Converge (old) anyone? So happy to see how good they're doing nowadays.

Part of me still miss being part of them. But they're way better without me!

Was hoping that Kah-Roe-Shi could at least pull off a tight set, but we sucked big time.
Zul broke the kick pedal, Tiong and Fahmi went out of tempo few times and I almost lost my voice.

Oh well, every bands got their own bad nights.
:( KID