KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

14 August 2007

We will be off to Jakarta tomorrow morning.
Aca Relationshit supposed to pick us up at the airport.
Then Revan Raja Singa will wait for us in Bandung.
Forgot to check with Revan whether they still doing the first jam session, but Kenji and Ebi Kontrasosial confirmed that our venue gonna be a villa along with some old Bandung punk bands.
Mantul confirmed that Cianjur gig still on, but I dont heard anything from Andi himself yet.
Meng Standing Wave done with the first mix of our recordings just right on time for Zul to work on our demo cover/inlay and cd-rs.

See you guys after the tour! Kid

06 August 2007

Its been a while since the last update. Sorry!
Been busy with Kah-Roe-Shi recordings (finally we got to record everything! Zahid, thanks for being so patience!), Kontrasosial and Raja Singa shows. Kah-Roe-Shi played 2 shows with Kontrasosial; a crusty-packed 3 hour jam session in Wangsa Maju and 10 hours train ride down to Singapore. Hamima Pazahora, thanks for feeding us and letting us slept on your floor. Props to Niesa Mass Separation for the huge 'shi = death' banner! And then some close labels @ friends to Kah-Roe-Shi organized a farewell gig @ party for us and Raja Singa (that left to Indonesia right after the show!). We're so thankful and honored!
Not much updates regarding the tour, we got the Jakarta flyer now, but where's the flyer for Cianjur and Bandung? Hope to see them soon! OR ELSE friends in Indonesia please ask about it from your local friends, hope see you guys at the shows! If we happen to get the flyer before we left to Indonesia, we will paste them here and elsewhere on the net, promise!
We will be bringing with us limited numbers of tour cds together with tshirts, stickers, buttons and patches.
Anyway now we actually still got lotsa stuffs to be done for the tour, so I might be not updating the blog that soonish except if I got the flyers to Cianjur and Bandung shows. KID