KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

23 November 2007

Dear friends,
You can pre-book Kah-Roe-Shi/Pazahora (modern crust, Singapore) split 7″ (purple colored) now!
The current pressing is only 300 copies - released by Epidemic Distro (Singapore) and Deseased Recs (US). We will have 30 copies but only 20 copies is open for reservations, you can book them from us in advance - please take note that NO downpayment needed, just give us your name & contacts.

We will contact you as soon as the split 7"s arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

You can either email or sms/call us directly at these emails or handphone numbers:
unionofslaves@gmail.com, propamedia@gmail.com
013-2497199 (Kid), 016-9081485 (Tiong), 012-9127037 (Fahmi)

13 November 2007

War All The Time & Krass Kepala

Bersama:Modar, The Garrison, Anti Protokol, Fall To Their Death, Blood On Wedding Dress

Ahad, 18th November 2007, Annexe Central Market, 2 Petang, RM12
Jumpa di sana! Tolong sebarkan! Maklumat lebih: ricecooker.kerbau.com

09 November 2007

my bandmates been complaining there's no updates on the blog. so here's some more stuffs that i can think of now;

We're so glad to announce that we able to gather these 13 local labels, (runs by our friends thats been supporting us since we started) to put us our debut full length.
1. nasi kandar mosh distro 2. still not quite dead 3. third arm records 4. anockmearan records 5. papakerma 6. ricecooker shop 7. cellulite records 8. cactus distro 9. bullwhip records10. pissed off records11. protocrust records 12. theatrical records 13. propamedia infoshop

ucok homicide now doing a remix to one our song, and berg kias fansuri will throwing some photo shoots for an animation which also will goes into the cd release. hopefully this plan will work out on schedule so we could release officially release them on 23/12.

bicycling will upgrade your punk points. kid
nb: so what about the website? when you'll be doing the updates hehe?
Fat chances that our split 7" ep (3 songs on our side) with Pazahora will be out soon! The 7"s (with some test presses as well) arrived safely at Epidemic Distro Hq in Singapore. Thanks to William at Deseased Records (US) for arranging the pressing and delivery. Here's a preview of our cover, artwork done by Revan, the drummer for the almighty Bandung's greencore Raja Singa.

07 November 2007

Our demo/indonesia tour ep will stay out of print forever. Period!
But regret not, we're not on hiatus, we're just busy making sure our debut cd to be released here!

'So what's the stories with Kahroeshi Indonesian tour, the demo cd?' I'm still proofreading the tour diary ok? Forever. - Kid