KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

23 September 2008

We got MARJINAL pins, stickers and patches for sale!

Pins is for sale at RM2 each, stickers is RM2 (small), big RM3 (big) and patches is RM2.
Thanks to Mash Vacano for trading them with our cds.

Some info on Marjinal:
TaringBabi is an independent community, also known as Marjinal, AFRA (Anti Fasis, Anti Rasis), and Tempe Quality. Marjinal has been agitating with their music and art in the outskirts of Jakarta for almost ten years. As a community, they are committed to fighting for equality and justice and often joins forces with local bands, media collectives, and workers’ organisations to build events and campaigns that are inclusive and creative. Their homebase also serves as a distro where they sell tshirts, badges, pins, and albums they have made, as well as a printing studio.

Marjinal on internet: myspace.com/marjinalsapibetina /koran-marjinal.blogspot.com
You can stream a documentary about Marjinal made by Mash Vacano at engagemedia.org.

To order them, contact us at unionofslaves@gmail.com / 013 249 7199 or propamedia@gmail.com (Kid).

22 September 2008

The anticipated remix track (Substance) from Morque Vanguard (Homicide MC) is finally here!
Its so gonna be featured on our next release. But I still dont find the time putting it up on the blog.

Feel responsible to hassle us for it if you cant wait.

18 September 2008

Aiming to provide an alternative network of local and international DIY scene, this is a new open-forum for DIY hardcorepunk scenesters around Malaysia and the rest of the world. Making communication a weapon again!

17 September 2008

Flyer credit : Niesa Assault

15 September 2008

Kah-Roe-Shi 'On Their Knees' @ Its Party Time (before our Grinda Batas II, Indonesian Tour '07) at Awakening.

Credit: Dean Papakerma.

It was also a farewell party for greencore gods, Raja Singa whom left to Bandung, Indonesia that night. 

13 September 2008

Conquest For Death (members of What Happens Next, Artimus Pyle) & Borderless Mind Comp Release Party @ Sunday, 26/10 MCPA, KL.