KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

31 May 2008

Kah-Roe-Shi/Pazahora split 7" reviewed by MRR -

I had never heard of these bands before and this was an interesting introduction. Very cool layout, awesome artwork that’s hard not to notice. PAZAHORA, from Singapore, plays fairly straight up crustcore with some old grind influences and has pretty ripping male/female vocals. At times they remind me of DISRUPT and DESTROY. KAH-ROE-SHI is much heavier and denser, and has melodic elements but falls in the dark crust category to my ears, which is awesome because I love it! KAH-ROE-SHI is from Malaysia. Awesome split release on Singapore and American labels! Only 100 copies in the US, so act fast! (NM) - MRR #301

22 May 2008

Kah-Roe-Shi ‘Shi’ cd unleashed!

7 tracks plus 13 minutes live video of heavy hardcore crust influenced by His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia and Counterblast. Comes with silkscreened cover and 20 pages booklet.

Will be available from these 13 label/distro:
Kandar Mosh Distro, Quiet Still Death, Third Arm, Anock Mayrun, Papakerma, Ricecooker, Cellulite, Cactus, Bullwhip, Pissed Off, Protocrust, Theatrical and Pure Minds.

RM10 by hand. RM15 by registered post:
Kid, 28-01-15 Flat DBKL, Gombak Fasa 2, Gombak Setia, 53100 Kuala Lumpur.

Trade and wholesale: unionofslaves@gmail.com / 013-2497199 / 012-9127037 / 016-9081485.
For more info (or to sample our songs, video and merchs):

And currently we're looking for potential DIY gig (co-)organizers to set up a show for CRUX, female fronted hardcore punk (www.myspace.com/cruxhc) from Aussie in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 29th June 2008. We already got a new potential venue for their show! Please call me up at 013 2497199 (Kid).

18 May 2008

Kah-Roe-Shi / Pazahora split 7" now distributed by Profane Existence!

KAH-ROE-SHI are a heavy hardcore / crust band from Malaysia offering up three brutal anthems on their side of this split EP. PAZAHORA are from Singapore and also play powerful crust and have duel male / female vocalists. Both bands have extremely political messages and have lyrics and texts written in English. These EPs are limited to a total pressing of only 200 copies of only 100 are available in the states (the other 100 copies are available from Epidemic Records for Asia). All come on lavender vinyl and come with a bonus cover you can hang on the wall - Fa

More info - http://riseofcrust.net/kah-roe-shipazahorasplit7.aspx

What is Profane Existence?

The Profane Existence Collective was formed in 1989 by a small group of young people with the common goal of contributing to build a stronger and more politically active punk rock movement. As a collective, we are a small group of individuals that have joined together our ideas and abilities to work on numerous projects as part of a single entity, in an overall struggle against tyranny and oppression. Everyone likes to pigeonhole and this is how we prefer to look at ourselves: Our politics are anti-state and anti-oppression (anarchist if you prefer) and our community is from within the DIY ("Do It Yourself") punk rock movement

Profane Existence Magazine

The most visible aspect of our work is the magazine "Profane Existence" which we have published over 40 issues since the collective first came together. The goal of our magazine is to spread communication of ideas and information, as well as help build a tighter, more politically active movement on an international level. The magazine is distributed worldwide through punk and underground channels, with a circulation of over 20,000 copies per issue, and is enjoyed not only by punks, but other people who are looking for alternative sources of news and information.

Read more about PE here - http://www.profaneexistence.com/

17 May 2008

You must know by now that the release party got cancelled last minute due to the problem with the Annexe management not allowing anymore shows to be held at their venue.

But still our cds are ready now, so do some patches, buttons and stickers. So now where to get it? Watch out for the label/distro/record store list in the next post!

14 May 2008

Kah-Roe-Shi (Deja Vu Beirut) t-shirts now available from our friends at Embrace!

Black shirts with red and grey inks.
Sizes from XS,S,M,L to XL.
Only RM20 by hand or RM25 by mail.

Cash / check-order payable only to:
KHAIRUL FAHMI BIN MOHD ALI (MAYBANK account no:151-06101-0462)
* Please email or fax the bank slip copy for their references.

Contact them:
email:famy@embracehq.com or saha@embracehq.com
H/p no: 017-7567227(famy) or 013-7451194(saha) / Fax no: 07-2414454

More info: www.myspace.com/warongembrace
We will be releasing a full length cd with them, please support their fund-raising project!

11 May 2008

I know many of you are wondering about what gonna happen with the shows at the annexe. Sorry for going off on this tour without settling the matter. It was quite a hectic time all of us. But i will try to save all the shows booked when I get back. Sabar ya! - Joe & The Dung.

This is latest hit we got regarding our 'suddenly-uncertain' next gig aka cd/7" release party at the 'used to be a democratic space' Annexe, Central Market this Wesak Day@Monday, 19/05. However if Joe Kidd couldnt work it out with the management, Cellulite Records might settled with Noisy Studio in Ampang.

A bummer we know! But I guess what doesnt kill us only gonna makes us stronger. But we're really worried about Ricecooker and Bau-Bau Cafe (runs by Food Not Bombs volunteers). What will the future holds for them?

- Kid Useless
ps; Now we're looking for a new venue for Crux, Cut Sick, Margrudergrind, Conquest For Death and KLFemme Fest, you got any ideas?