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27 November 2006

Laporan dari Kg Berembang, Ampang:

Jumaat, 24 November 2006

Terima kasih kepada semua kawan-kawan yang menderma kepada Tabung Derma Kilat Kg Berembang. Kita telah berjaya mengumpulkan RM120 pada petang 24th November 2006. Berbekalkan wang derma ini kita telah membeli sejumlah bantuan makanan (beras, telur, minyak masak, gula, garam, teh, sardin, biskut) dan dihantar ke Bilik Gerakan di Kg Berembang pada malam itu juga.

Daripada apa yang telah diberitahu oleh penduduk Kg Berembang, mereka begitu memerlukan bantuan makanan dan juga khemah.

Sabtu, 25 November 2006

Kami ke Kg Berembang lagi untuk menghantar bantuan makanan daripada keluarga Mohsein. Kebetulan pada malam tersebut juga, penduduk dan kawan-kawan aktivis tempatan mengadakan acara Malam Kesenian Kg Berembang. Ada deklamasi sajak, persembahan akustik, wayang kulit, pameran lukisan kanak-kanak, tayangan video perobohan rumah-rumah kampung dan sessi berkongsi pengalaman bersama penduduk kampung dan aktivis-aktivis.

Kami telah difahamkan yang pada keesokkan harinya, Ahad 26 November penduduk Kg Berembang akan mengadakan gotong royong untuk membina semula kampung mereka secara berperingkat-peringkat.

Bagaimana untuk membantu?

Kami sedang berusaha mengumpulkan dana untuk membeli bantuan makanan dan juga khemah. Kepada kawan-kawan yang ingin membantu diharap dapat menghubungi kami di 013-249 7199 (Kid) atau pergi sendiri ke Bilik Gerakan Kg Berembang, Ampang (sila lihat peta di bawah) atau menghubungi wakil penduduk kampung, Encik Mishud di 016-3809648.

Sebarang bantuan amatlah dihargai! Kid

25 November 2006

Holy-Shit, Kah-Roe-Shi caught on Youtube!

or check out this link:


From Anockmearan :kid lagi dgn kawan2 brutalnya...

Balik-balik muka Kid eh? KID.

22 November 2006


Missed the Goodnite Goodies. Saw bits of Maharajah Comission. Told you that watching the bands before us will freaks me out! But I heard lotsa good buzz on Goodnite Goodies brand of punk rock. Nice!

When it came to our turn, the bass amp is dead. No sound at all! The resident band left their bass amp in front the toilet (eh?), so we hijacked theirs. Then we decided that it would take too much time to set up another amp for our samplers. Our friends encouraged us to carry on with our set and we had a blast (not?)! I don’t know.

Oh ya, Joe Kidd couldn’t get us the projector from Valentino gallery, it turns the gallery needs their projector on the same Friday!

Anyway later the neighbours complained of the noises coming from the gig and Joe Kidd had to cut Nuisance Drilled and Opposition Party set a bit short. Sucks ah, baru jer nak layan bands!

At least both Nuisance Drilled and Opposition Party gave their best and they rocks!

For all the for-a-friend-sake compliments, we really appreciate it.


Mass Separation scheduled to play in Ipoh the next day.

Few days before the Ipoh show we found this news on Ricecooker regarding a gig that supposed to be held in Kuala Kangsar a week earlier but cancelled due to the interruption by the untouchables authorities.

But people at Imaginasi Records convinced us that their show in Ipoh gonna take place just fine.

We arrived in Ipoh around 5pm. That’s damn late. Khalil been firing us ‘Where are you guys?’ SMS since 2pm! We’re lucky that Jay Freelove picked us up at KL-Ipoh highway exit and showed us the way to the venue. We arrived at the Bacteria HQ just on time, the first band Young and Dangerous just finished their set (eh, thought we’re late?).

The crowd seems tired and not very anticipated with the following bands. We panicked. But hell, it turns out really worth waiting for our turn! All hell break loose, everyone gets into the mosh pit.

We drove back to KL with big smiles on faces .

I’ll be not working that Monday so I plan to sleep it off but then on the very same Monday, a tragedy strucked Kampung Berembang, Ampang (near Gleneagles). Maybe some of you heard it over the news or else read our blog below.


The Kampung Berembang villagers really need our helps - tents, food, clothing, pillows, blankets and so on.

Some of you may heard of the Kampung Berembang, Ampang incident on the news. For whom haven’t please read the article from Bernama News attached below.

We’re now organizing to gather canned foods, clothing, pillows, blankets etc for the Kampung Berembang victims.

Any kinda help would be appreciated.

You could reach us at: propamedia@gmail.com or 013-2497199 (Kid)

From Bernama News:


Nov 20 (Bernama) -- The residents of Kampung Berembang, Ampang could only stand in the rain with their crying children and watch in despair as their homes of forty years were torn down by five bulldozers on the order of the Selangor government. Their worldly belongings were scattered in piles outside their wrecked homes, drenched in the rain. Around them, hundreds of Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) enforcement officers stood and watched.

Earlier in the afternoon, two of the houses were mysteriously razed in a fire. It is learned that 21 residents and activists have been detained so far for hampering demolition efforts. This was a surprising turn of events considering that earlier this morning, the Prime Minister's Department had issued a letter addressed to Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo asking to defer the demolition of the houses to April 30, next year.

Along with representatives from some non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the residents had assembled in front of a half-completed structure which was to be the management office of a project to be undertaken there, located beside their village, as early as 8am. They had also formed a barricade of cars and wooden planks in front of their houses to prevent the bulldozers from ripping into their homes, which they claimed were built since the 1960s, when the place was still a mining area and a mini-jungle.

However, things got ugly when several of the MPAJ officers tried to force their way through and performed citizen's arrest on eight people, including two women. "We're afraid they might pull another "guerilla" tactic on us" said a resident, Norhayati Aini Mohd Yusof, 49. She said that on Friday, bulldozers unexpectedly turned up and tore down four houses in the village while everyone was away at work.

By noon, the NGOs and resident representatives had managed to get a letter from the Prime Minister's Department to stop the demolition, but the residents said they would not be placated until the bulldozers and MPAJ officers left. It seemed that they were right in being suspicious because barely an hour after the letter was issued, a melee broke out and truckloads of Federal Reserve Unit Police had to be deployed to the site.

A fire broke out in one of the houses soon after and the bulldozers made their way into the village, flattening down houses. According to a NGO representative Y. Kohila, the houses, totalling 51 in all, were to be demolished to make way for a mega development project by the Acmar Group of Companies, to be completed by 2010.

"I, like many others, have lived here since 1964. Now that we have made the place livable and valuable, they (the state government) want to take it away from us," a resident Noralizan Ali, 43, told Bernama. "We have seen the title deed to this land. It belongs to several individuals, not the state government," he added, but refused to name the owners. MPAJ, however, maintained that it was a squatter area and that the government had a right to evict the squatters there.

There were initially 1,085 squatter homes in the Ampang district, and the council had managed to relocate all but the 51 homes in Kampung Berembang, said the MPAJ Town Planning Director Awang Mustapha Md Yunus. The residents had filed for an injunction against MPAJ on March 6 this year to prevent it from taking any action against them, but another court ruling later overruled it.

When asked why MPAJ went ahead with the demolition despite the letter from the Prime Minister's Department, Awang Mustapha said that they had referred back to the state government who gave them the green light. On the fate of the families from the 51 homes, he said: "We have given them ample notice, and offered to rehouse them in Kampung Muhibbah, Puchong, but they refused. "And when they filed the injunction against us, they automatically absolved their right towards any kind of compensation. We are no longer obliged to rehouse or compensate them."
(Bernama News)

More informations on Kampung Berembang incident:

http://www.bangkit.net or


http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/59798 or


What YOU can do about it:

Those who would like to show their solidarity with these villagers who were forced into homelessnes by man-made tsunamis may provide material support - especially tents, food and clothing - by contacting coordinator Encik Hamzah at 019 249 2065.

17 November 2006


First Silambayu and then Kuchalana pulled out. Joe Kidd asked if I could recommend any bands. We both tried calling up few bands and Nuisance Drilled agreed to play.

We so honored to announce that we'll be sharing the stage with the doom monster.

A bit of info about this great band:
Nuisance Drilled is a gloomy doom crust metal band formed by members of now defunct Banzai 606 and thrashcore unit Sarjan Hassan. Influenced by Bongzilla, Meatjack, Burning Witch, Brainoil, Damad, Corrupted, Sleep, Moss, Goatsnake, Earth, Dystopia, Thorrs Hammer, Isis, Sunn O))), Khanate, Church Of Misery, Earthride, Noothgrush, YOB, Kylesa, Grief, Eyehategod, Fleshpress and Black Sabbath. Soon putting out a full length album (recorded back in May 2006).
Correspondence: i_drilled@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.myspace.com/nuisancedrilled

Nak sludge sangat, nah amik ko! Kid

10 November 2006


We just had been talking about recording few songs this coming December for an official demo tapes.


To support our future recordings and tour plan, we gonna let-go some of our personal belongings for dirt-cheap prices.

Hopefully we will get enough money to do our own buttons and tshirts too.

Our 'distro' list should be out soon!

Support your local underground scene. Still relevant ker? Kid

08 November 2006

Full Speed Ahead is an independent/DIY hardcore punk record store from Bandung, Indonesia.Now located at Ultimus Bookstore, Jalan Lengkong Besar, Bandung (in front of Pasundan University), one of the venues where Mass Separation played last year (our very first open air gig!).

Memet (Full Speed Ahead owner, guitarist for Domestik Dokrtin) is one of the most reliable contacts in Indonesia for touring bands.

To support our Indonesia tour plan, Domestik Doktrin will be recording for our split release in January 2007.

One of the most reliable DIY hardcore punk label/distro from Singapore. Focusing to promote Southeast Asia DIY bands. Epi the owner also run a custom 1"inch button press!

Some of Epidemic's notable releases:
GRIND MASK FOR NOISE POLLUTION "international grind/crust comp" - CD
8 labels from 7 different countries putting out:
- ANAL PROBE, crust hardcore from Poland/Holland
- IRA ET DECESSUS, crustviolence from Spain
- TUMOR GANAS, grindcoholic from Indonesia
- LIFE IN EXILE, harmonic dark grinding terror from USA
- DISFORIA, agressive crustcore/grind from Italy
- RAISER, fast and stronger crustcore w/ d-beat from Spain
- FALLEN WORLD, high speed grind/crust w/ duo vocal from Singapore
- SPLATTERED MERMAIDS, chaotic grind w/ metal sounds from Sweden
- EXTREME DECAY, grindingcrust from Indonesia

Thrash It Up!! (4 Way Fastcore Split) CD
Featuring Under Attack and Yogyakarta from Singapore,Suara Anak Muda from Malaysia and Relationshit from Indonesia.

Once very obsecure DIY label from Malaysia, but now very popular around the screamo, post hardcore punk circle. Also well-known for their unique tapes packaging!

Few of Utarid Tapes current and upcoming notable releases:
UT03 - Cease Upon The Capitol 's/t' tape
UT05 - Blood On Wedding Dress ' hey apple! 0506 collection' tape
UT06 - Killeur Calculateur 'demo' tape
UT07 - Noisy Sins of The Insect / Daighila split tape
UT11 - Pheonix Bodies 'raise the bullshit flag' tape
UT13 - The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra 'discography' tape
UT14 - La Quiete 'tenpeun 01-05' tape

Both Epidemic Distro and Utarid Tapes will be co-releasing Kah-Roe-Shi/Pazahora split 7" (scheduled to be released sometime around mid 2007).

Mekasih korang sudi tolong band kampung cam kami! Kid.

07 November 2006


We're doomed!

Tiong live far down-south in Kluang. Soon to be married. Struggling to find a new job in KL. Zul is always missing in action. No handphone. Always not at home. Slept at his workplace sometimes. Fahmi always got home late from work. Got promoted recently but still broke. Kid now visibly overweight and always thinks too much! Blah, blah, blah!

We got tons of these stupid reasons for not having the time to practice or write new shit. But we’re not giving up without a fight!

Kalau betul-betul nak seribu daya, tak nak tu seribu dalih la.
Doom or die trying! Kid
Ps: Tiong made me wrote this, hehe!


Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot


And why the fuck that I always forgot?


K for Kid

06 November 2006


Now Pazahora seems to be interested touring Indonesia together with us! Hopefully they could work with the dates that Memet (Full Speed Ahead, Bandung) had proposed :
Thursday, 16 August 2007 - Cianjur
Friday, 17 August 2007 - Sukabumi
Saturday, 18 August 2007 - Jakarta
Sunday, 19 August 2007 - Bandung

Any suggestions? Any friends living around those areas? Let us know do's and dont's!

Eh, kami taderk myspace la beb. Kid

ps: So any kind 'FANS' want built us a Myspace account?
* (take note: insider joke! please ignore!)

05 November 2006

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03 November 2006


Tentative dates for our Indonesian tour now is around 16th August 2007 until 20th August 2007.
Venues that we're looking into right now is Jakarta, Sukabumi, Bandung and Yogyakarta.
Contacts had been made in Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Some friends recommend us to try Cipanas too.
And part of the Kah-Roe-Shi kids wants Bali!

Cheers Anggur Merah! KID

01 November 2006


How was your holiday? Nothing much on my side! But I did visit my parents few times.
Spent ridiculous hours slacking in front of the television and trying hard (not enough) to finish reading Heavier Than Heaven (Fahmi, you just got to wait!). Broke like hell, so there goes our Melaka escape plan.

We got KAH-ROE-SHI a new song, at least that’s a relief.

NORMAL: ANGEL (2nd September 2005- 27th November 2006)

Angel was suffering from neurological problems since birth, her conditions got worsen that last two weeks. She could barely walk or eat. We tried few animal hospitals but nothing much they could do for her than few injections and some vitamins to stimulate her appetite.

Friday, 27th October was the 4th Hari Raya for most of the people. Later that day sometime pass 7pm (we just got back from a vet visit) our harmless daughter-kitten Angel passed away peacefully in Niesa’s arms.

picture credit : Angel (5 days after she’s born) by Niesa.