KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

22 June 2008

We're so proud to announce the release of 'worth all your hard-earned money' Fall To Their Death s/t cd on Basement and Cactus Records.

We're also in the middle of writing some new materials for a split release with these sludge masters. Hope that would be something that you also looking forward to hear as well!

21 June 2008

Kah-Roe-Shi – 'Shi' CD

Obviously the format is taken from the footsteps of HHIG and the
likes. Really inspiring and passionate from start to finish. One of the current most 'talked-about' bands to come out here in Southeast Asia and this unit did not disappoint. A follow up on their split with Pazahora and includes a total of 7 tracks with a 13 minute live video footage. I just learned that they came out around 2006 on a different name that is Union Of Slaves however changing this into their current which literally means "death from overwork" in Japanese. Somehow the name says it all, their stand, politics and what they're meant to be as a group. Lyrics are political in nature focusing on of course wage slavery, racism, awareness, freedom of the press and shit – you know the drill. What I really like about it is that it has sort of explanation / article on each song or lyrics which throws details for the listener to comprehend much easily and effective. The packaging is unique in a way in which the disc and the booklet are packed in a cloth showing the band's logo. Reminds me on the way screamo bands do
their stuff in the '90s. Though the lyrics are somewhat serious in its way of screaming out its message, you can still somehow sit back and enjoy its furious attack and intense music all throughout. Malaysia, represent. - Dane

I Remember Halloween fanzine


20 June 2008

'Shi' cds is available at where ever you saw this flyer! For the time being its available at the Ricecooker shop (Annexe, Central Market) and Studio Shop Space (Wangsa Maju). We'll look out for more mom and pop's independent record stores/alternative spaces for your convenience getting our cds. But sorry, not the Tower Records for sure!

11 June 2008

Again, we've to change the venue for Crux's show!
Annexe, Awakening and now moved to Noisy! We cant get hold of MCPA and One Cafe for sure, they're fully booked plus its too expensive. Noisy anyway is a new and smaller venue and hopefully cooler management. Although its better than nothing for the time being, but this venue issue is not something we could take lightly in future.

05 June 2008

PAZAHORA / KAH ROE SHI split-EP (Singapore/Malaysia) 3,50

Verdammt, ich liebe Pazahora und ihren depressiven, melodischen und wütenden Crust/D-Beat. Natürlich schlägt hier deutlich die Tragedy/Ekkaia Linie durch. Allerdings ist hier alles etwas rauher, nicht so glatt gebügelt und bombastisch, sondern ehrlicher und dreckiger. Zwei geniale Songs mit einer fetten Gitarrenwand, Male/Female Vocals und sehr coolen Gesellschafts-Hassenden Texten. Auf der Flipseite Kah Roe Shi aus Malaysia mit nicht minder gutem Sound, allerdings schneller nach vorne fetzendem Stop-And-Go Crust-Hardcore-Punk. Sie haben durchaus ein paar Screamo-Elemente, vertrackte Passagen, kommen aber immer wieder zum groovend Hardcore/Punk zurück. Inklusive dreckigem Gesang und moshenden Break-Downs. Großartige Split-EP in schönem Coverartwork und superschönes lila Vinyl.

Very good split-EP of two great hardcore/crust/punk bands. Pazahora with emotional crust and Kah Roe Shi with screamo influence crusty hardcore. Nice artwork!

Review from - http://www.punkdeluxe.net/seven.html

04 June 2008

Too bad if you miss this one! Choke Cocoi is the Philippine's answer to Infect!

There is more for us in life than the nine-to-five work ethics and a life of clocks, finances and shallow living..

Crux - sydney's female fronted brutal crust

with fellow friends:

Blood On Wedding Dress - math grind

Kesumat - metallic fastcore
Pazahora - melodic crustcore

Kah-Roe-Shi - dark heavy hardcore

Tools Of The Trade - death grind

Sunday, 29 Jun 2008 / 3pm / Awakening,Taman Danau Desa,KL / RM6