KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

31 December 2007

We're currently facing financial obstacles to continue producing our zipper bag covers, meanwhile Zul still editing the booklet.
Anyway, we're finding our way out from this mess. Cds sounds fine, our first badge of covers also looks good.
Some friends even bought the cds without the booklets.
Labels and friends, thanks for the patience and understanding, we know that now it started to feels like forever. Kid

10 December 2007

Our cds hopefully gonna be available very soon. We already sent our master cd to the pressing plant last Saturday. If everything goes well 1000 copies of our cds will be ready after the next 7 working days. Thanks to Borhan Bullwhip, Saha Embrace and Mazmi Strain Eyes for their help and advices regarding cd pressings. Not forgetting Wuck Fall To Their Death whom did the editing for our enhanced video on the master cd.

Arrangements had been made for the cover, inlay and almost all the needed materials are ready. So we should be busy on the production anytime now. Wish us luck!

Akta Angkasa is still on tour with Spartak. So no luck getting Zul to practice yet. Let us to try to beg him again. Kid

23 November 2007

Dear friends,
You can pre-book Kah-Roe-Shi/Pazahora (modern crust, Singapore) split 7″ (purple colored) now!
The current pressing is only 300 copies - released by Epidemic Distro (Singapore) and Deseased Recs (US). We will have 30 copies but only 20 copies is open for reservations, you can book them from us in advance - please take note that NO downpayment needed, just give us your name & contacts.

We will contact you as soon as the split 7"s arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

You can either email or sms/call us directly at these emails or handphone numbers:
unionofslaves@gmail.com, propamedia@gmail.com
013-2497199 (Kid), 016-9081485 (Tiong), 012-9127037 (Fahmi)

13 November 2007

War All The Time & Krass Kepala

Bersama:Modar, The Garrison, Anti Protokol, Fall To Their Death, Blood On Wedding Dress

Ahad, 18th November 2007, Annexe Central Market, 2 Petang, RM12
Jumpa di sana! Tolong sebarkan! Maklumat lebih: ricecooker.kerbau.com

09 November 2007

my bandmates been complaining there's no updates on the blog. so here's some more stuffs that i can think of now;

We're so glad to announce that we able to gather these 13 local labels, (runs by our friends thats been supporting us since we started) to put us our debut full length.
1. nasi kandar mosh distro 2. still not quite dead 3. third arm records 4. anockmearan records 5. papakerma 6. ricecooker shop 7. cellulite records 8. cactus distro 9. bullwhip records10. pissed off records11. protocrust records 12. theatrical records 13. propamedia infoshop

ucok homicide now doing a remix to one our song, and berg kias fansuri will throwing some photo shoots for an animation which also will goes into the cd release. hopefully this plan will work out on schedule so we could release officially release them on 23/12.

bicycling will upgrade your punk points. kid
nb: so what about the website? when you'll be doing the updates hehe?
Fat chances that our split 7" ep (3 songs on our side) with Pazahora will be out soon! The 7"s (with some test presses as well) arrived safely at Epidemic Distro Hq in Singapore. Thanks to William at Deseased Records (US) for arranging the pressing and delivery. Here's a preview of our cover, artwork done by Revan, the drummer for the almighty Bandung's greencore Raja Singa.

07 November 2007

Our demo/indonesia tour ep will stay out of print forever. Period!
But regret not, we're not on hiatus, we're just busy making sure our debut cd to be released here!

'So what's the stories with Kahroeshi Indonesian tour, the demo cd?' I'm still proofreading the tour diary ok? Forever. - Kid

14 August 2007

We will be off to Jakarta tomorrow morning.
Aca Relationshit supposed to pick us up at the airport.
Then Revan Raja Singa will wait for us in Bandung.
Forgot to check with Revan whether they still doing the first jam session, but Kenji and Ebi Kontrasosial confirmed that our venue gonna be a villa along with some old Bandung punk bands.
Mantul confirmed that Cianjur gig still on, but I dont heard anything from Andi himself yet.
Meng Standing Wave done with the first mix of our recordings just right on time for Zul to work on our demo cover/inlay and cd-rs.

See you guys after the tour! Kid

06 August 2007

Its been a while since the last update. Sorry!
Been busy with Kah-Roe-Shi recordings (finally we got to record everything! Zahid, thanks for being so patience!), Kontrasosial and Raja Singa shows. Kah-Roe-Shi played 2 shows with Kontrasosial; a crusty-packed 3 hour jam session in Wangsa Maju and 10 hours train ride down to Singapore. Hamima Pazahora, thanks for feeding us and letting us slept on your floor. Props to Niesa Mass Separation for the huge 'shi = death' banner! And then some close labels @ friends to Kah-Roe-Shi organized a farewell gig @ party for us and Raja Singa (that left to Indonesia right after the show!). We're so thankful and honored!
Not much updates regarding the tour, we got the Jakarta flyer now, but where's the flyer for Cianjur and Bandung? Hope to see them soon! OR ELSE friends in Indonesia please ask about it from your local friends, hope see you guys at the shows! If we happen to get the flyer before we left to Indonesia, we will paste them here and elsewhere on the net, promise!
We will be bringing with us limited numbers of tour cds together with tshirts, stickers, buttons and patches.
Anyway now we actually still got lotsa stuffs to be done for the tour, so I might be not updating the blog that soonish except if I got the flyers to Cianjur and Bandung shows. KID

09 July 2007

My bad, its not Mantul but Cianjur kids themselves. If I'm not mistaken, it's gonna be organized by DARAH MUDA D.I.Y (Cianjur)? Kid

To: indoDIYtour@yahoogroups.com
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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 07:04:41 -0000
Subject:[indoDIYtour] Untuk gig Unabomber dan Kharoshie di Sukabumi

Dear DIY Warriors,

Kemarin saya menerima sms dari Mantul, organizer gig Unabomber dan
Kharoshie di Sukabumi yang mengatakan kalau Sukabumi membatalkan
kotanya sebagai tempat gig tersebut dikarenakan adanya kesulitan
dana untuk mengurus ijin ke polisi dan naiknya tarif tempat acara
yang biasa mereka gunakan sebelumnya.

Namun Mantul juga mengatakan kalau dia sudah mengontak anak Cianjur
dan mereka mengatakan siap untuk menghandle gig ini disana. Ini
artinya ada perubahan kota dari Sukabumi ke Cianjur dengan tanggal
yang tetap sama.

Terimakasih buat Mantul untuk kesigapannya buat langsung mencarikan
pengganti Sukabumi serta terimakasih juga buat anak Cianjur yang
sudah menyetujui mengorganize gig ini disana.

Thanks, guys!


06 July 2007

We gonna be opening for Kontrasosial jam session on 13th July, kickstarting their Malaysia - Singapore tour! Thanks Zafran and Bidan for organizing this and of course Kontrasosial for requesting our band! KID

05 July 2007

Our supposed gig in Sukabumi on 18th August transferred to Cianjur due to some problems with permit and venue's rent. But the main organizer for that particular still the same, Mantul from Proletar.

04 July 2007

A label/distro from US, Diseased Records will be co-releasing our green-colored split 7" with Pazahora along with Utarid Tapes and Epidemic.Check out the label/distro: http://www.myspace.com/diseasedrecords

Gang Green Kid

03 July 2007

7 songs in almost 12 hours (6pm until 5am)!
We never thought that its gonna be that long but luckily the recordings turned out as expected.
Thanks to Zahid, As and Niesa for keeping up with the stress level. Sorry that we took too much of your time.
On the next session we will work on the vocals and also bit of samplings, then proceed to mixing/mastering.
If everything works accordingly, we will be giving out demos during the Kontrasosial gig in Singapore and putting out this 'Shi (Death)' ep right before Raja Singa went back to Indonesia.


27 June 2007

Everything is set! We will be recording our debut ep this Sunday afternoon at Tonne Studio, Puchong Perdana.
The studio actually owned by an old friend, As who used to play in Dead Symphony while another friend of ours, Zahid Raincity will be manning our recording. As we gonna be the first band to record at Tonne, hopefully things gonna work out just fine.

Check out the Kah-Roe-Shi stickers, thats for free when you buy our tapes or tshirts!
Thanks to Revan Raja Singa for the design and printing. KID

25 June 2007

Kah-Roe-Shi live set during Radio Free KL:

or try this url:

More audio + visual treat from Radio Free KL:

Thanks to the RadioGaga crew for the video! Kid

18 June 2007


22 July 2007 (Sunday)
Substation Guiness Theater
5pm till 9pm
$8.00 entry @ the door

KONTRASOSIAL (Indonesia dbeat!)
KAH-ROE-SHI (brutal epic hc crust, Malaysia)
DEAD SYMPHONY (deathcore as fuck, Malaysia)
ANTIPROTOKOL (dbeat crust warriors, Malaysia)
T.S.A (old school hc punk, Philippines!)
TORMENTRESS (thrashhh metal)
MY PRECIOUS (icons of nocore)

presented by:
Prohibited Projects + Epidemic Distro

more info:

Except that the Radio Free KL gig actually start 3 hours late (sounds very normal hah!), everything worked out just fine for Kah-Roe-Shi, video + projector, samplers, thrashed national newspapers and the sporting crowd (sorry for all the whinings, but the system had fucked my life just too much!), all was just perfect!

I must say that was one of the best gig we had so far. Sold half of our t-shirts and some buttons + patches as well.

Good to see Shock System again, I miss their blasting rap-rock act! Too bad that Xumb didnt talk much about politics in between their songs. I was hoping they could feed a bit of that to the hungry crowd!

Anyway, thanks to every single person who came, every bands, the organizer and crews.

We will be playing along Kontrasosial from Indonesia (with vocalist from South Korea), Anti Protokol and Dead Symphony in Singapore (i heard they got the Substation, wow!) on 22nd July 2007. Oh ya, I was sober last night, cant you believe it? Kid.

"kah roe shi blasted our retinas with this huge video projection upon the stage area, and they were densely heaviiii!"- an excerpt from Joe Kidd Ricecooker Zine/Shop review on the show.

08 June 2007

05 June 2007

Our friends Raja Singa will be grinding over KL soon!


Grinding The Borders Part 3
Saturday 28th July 2007, Annexe Central Market
3pm, Donation RM12

RAJA SINGA - myspace.com/grindcoresinga
TOOLS OF THE TRADE - http://toolsgrind.symphonicblast.net
FALL TO THEIR DEATH - http://www.myspace.com/undeadscavenger
OSMANTIKOS - http://www.myspace.com/osmantikos
QUEST OF QUASAR - http://www.myspace.com/questofquasar

DIY distros are most welcome!


04 June 2007

Sarjan Hassan, our very own answer to Bay Area Thrash now added to the bill. Hell-yeah! Kid

01 June 2007

Xumb put one of our rare rehearsal tracks online, its the very first song that we wrote together: http://www.freesoulmonk.com/mp3/Kah_Roe_Shi_-_Submit_To_Grief.mp3

Here goes the lyrics:
Restless souls
Faceless faces

Trapped in circles
Cycles of death

Hopeless life
Where madness reigns

Rat fucking race
Where money wins

Again and again

When to have dreams is to dream
When to live one is to pretend
To stay alive?

Submit to grief
Grind we despise

Feeds: Swallow
Bleeds: Us fucking dry

Scared fucking depressed
What’s life this fucked?

Filled with lies and hate
What’s life this fucked?

Submit to grief
Grind we despise

29 May 2007

Zul now done with our website, here goes the url: www.geocities.com/excesslabourdeath

However we seems to be having problems with the bandwidth, so now we are negotiating with few close friends to share their existing host.

Anyway, we found a new a practice space in Pandan and yeah As told us that his studio in Puchong now ready for us to start recording.


28 May 2007

3:00PM, Sunday 17th June 2007
The Annexe @ Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Entry by donation


For band infos, photo, mp3 and video logon: RadioGAGA : radio-gugu.blogspot.com

17 May 2007

Revan of Raja Singa did us few brilliant artwork for our upcoming merch. Among them are tshirts, patches, stickers and buttons. Check out one of the artwork sample that he sent us for tshirts. If we managed to get our funds together, these 'submit to grief' tshirts will be available on our next show in Central Market Annexe, 13th June 2007.

We're now expecting full details from Xumb Shock System.


11 May 2007

It seems that we gonna play a mini gig somewhere in Bandung on Thursday 16th August before joining Unabomber the next day. Its just gonna be a small gathering with old friends and bands that we know. For the time being we decided not to put in on our tour flyer first (Didi-artwork, Revan-logo and Zairi-layout).

Anyway if you want the printable version of the flyer
or you if want to spread them to your friends on the net please contact us at unionofslaves@gmail.com.

We will reply back with the best version for you to print and spread on the net.

I'm going down to Singapore this 25th May to pass the Pazahora kids our printed flyers for them to spread out during their tour.

Oh ya, expect to see our official website very soon. Zul is working on it right now.

04 May 2007

This is long overdue. I recently got the chance to check them out playing a show and I must say that this is one of those new bands that everyone should check out. No demo yet but they do plan to release something somewhere in the middle of this year before they embark on their Indonesian Tour. Oh, they don’t have Myspace either (hahaha you Myspace scenester!), but they do have their own blog here. If you dig some sinister and heavy hardcore with some doom and sludge thrown in every now and then, then you should give them a try.

Be warned that the music ain’t pretty at all and you cannot score any girls/boys by name dropping them in any conversation.

- Hatta Goatkore at http://i-refused.blogspot.com/

A short review of our set in Klang last Saturday. It was another bad hair day for us, but it seems that people started to took us seriously. So maybe its not that bad after all? I dont know.

RIP - my Terrorizer World Downfall long sleeve tshirt. Kid

16 April 2007

We're postponing the recording for the compilation again.
Zul, the rempit in our band, opps, got involved in a motorcycle accident last Saturday. No worries because he's recovering now.
Get well soon bro!

15 March 2007

Strain Eyes's tape version of Mass Separation/SMG split 7"EP now available. Limited to only 200 copies. RM6 postpaid. For more info contact Strain Eyes Production: strainoise@yahoo.com. Try your luck asking for our band's copies: mass_separation@hotmail.com.

SMG/Mass Separation split 7" (Jerk Off/Epidemic/Deep One/Nihilus)
- SMG is a 3 piece no-bass grinding powerviolence from the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Mass Separation strikes back with hyper-grinding thrash madness. All newly recorded tracks. Split release by Jerk Off, Epidemic, Deep One, and Nihilus Records. Limited to 400 copies. 200 on Red Vinyl. 200 on Black Vinyl.

14 March 2007

Our trip to the historical city of Melaka turns out to be a touristy one! Some of the places we managed to check out:
Stadhuys - completed in 1660. Nowadays, it houses the historical museum. This is one of the oldest Dutch buildings in the east.
Christ Church - this church was built between 1741 and 1753. It replaced a Portuguese church, which was shattered. Bricks were shipped from Zeeland in the Netherlands. On the floor of the church you will find Dutch tombstones. It is the oldest protestant church in Malaysia. On the altar you will see sacramental silverware, still bearing the Dutch coat of arms. Red Square - Beautiful square around Christ Church and the Stadhuys. On this square you will find the Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower, it looks Dutch, but it is not. It was built in 1886. Porta de Santiago - You will find this remains of the old Portuguese fort A Famosa on Jalan Kota, around St Paul's Hill. What you can see nowadays is a mostly Dutch reconstruction, bearing the VOC coat of arms. St Paul's Church - take a path up the hill and it will lead you to this church. It was originally built in 1521, by the Portuguese. It became a fortress in 1567, until 1596. After the Dutch siege it became St Paul's, before it was known as Nossa Senhora da Annunciada (Our Lady of Annunciation). It has been used as a burial ground for the Dutch. You can still see the tombstones, along the walls of ruins of the church. And not forgetting Padang Pahlawan (lost my notes on this, damn it) where Zul bought this musical instrument called Gambang. Above all, our set was OK I guess. Everyone seems to have fun! 3 bands, no stop, all go! Thanks to Zizi, Fizam, Fasha and all their friends! We definitely will return to Melaka!

16 February 2007


5 kind-hearted labels; Utarid tapes, Wisma Stereo, Third Arm, Papakerma and Protocrust confirmed putting out our upcoming EP on cassettes. They also planning on a release party (yay!). You could expect this happening before we left for the Java tour.By hook or by crook! KID

13 February 2007

We gonna hit Melaka for a jam session this 10th March.
We tried asking other bands to tag along with us, but they seems to be reluctant since its gonna be just a small show with 3 other bands.
I just dont get the attitude, after all you guys been bugging me for a gig!

Oh well, fuck your band. Go play Rock The World! Kid.

Eh wait, we supposed to record for the Wisma Stereo’s compilation by end of the month or sometime in early March. For all the COOL kids who’ll be coming to our next jam session, you guys will be getting our rare-rehearsal recordings.

05 February 2007


A gig with Blood on Wedding Dress, Devillica, Infinite Delay, Daighila and superfast mathcore peers,
we must be the slowest band last nite.

Personally I'm so excited that we got to play with my old band, Quest of Quasar.
Dig Converge (old) anyone? So happy to see how good they're doing nowadays.

Part of me still miss being part of them. But they're way better without me!

Was hoping that Kah-Roe-Shi could at least pull off a tight set, but we sucked big time.
Zul broke the kick pedal, Tiong and Fahmi went out of tempo few times and I almost lost my voice.

Oh well, every bands got their own bad nights.
:( KID

31 January 2007

23 January 2007

Indonesian Tour Dates and Cities now CONFIRMED!

Friday, 17th August 2007 - Bandung - Contact person: Memet Domestik Doktrin
Saturday, 18th August 2007 - Sukabumi - Contact person: Mantul Okkult
Sunday, 19th August 2007 - Jakarta - Contact person: Ika Peniti Pink

We get the honor to share these 3 shows with the great Unabomber from Barcelona, Spain!
Check them out at www.myspace.com/unabombercollective

More details, should be available soon! KID

22 January 2007

Despite the silly Felda Punks issue in Harian Metro and last minute change of venue, quite a number of our friends turned up for the Pack's gig. Show started late around 9.30pm instead of 8.30pm, dang! We supposed to play first but Zul yet to reach the venue (with the only cymbal for the show). But above all, we had the best time of our life last nite, having the honor to share the stage with Apparatus (with Stick from Doom on drums), Pack and again with Samurai Champloo (sorry hangpa pulak kena main first!).

"Semalam ka ro shi paling best bg aku, bila nak release kid?" sms from Bai Rakus.

Thanks Bai, nanti aku belanja ko teh tarik kat Katak! Kid.
Solidariti teman-teman seperjuangan di Indonesia!

Kami dari Kah-Roe-Shi, salah satu daripada band2 DIY hardcore punk daripada Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Setelah suskes nya tour Mass Separation akhir tahun 2005 kelmarin dan atas dukungan teman-teman di Indonesia, kita bakal tour lagi ke Indonesia dengan formasi band yang baru iaitu Kah-Roe-Shi; gabungan anak-anak dari Mass Separation (www.myspace.com/massseparation), Tools of the Trade (www.myspace.com/toolsgrind) dan Akta Angkasa (www.geocities.com/senipekik/).

Band ini influence nya berat kepada musick hardcore dan crust punk yang berat, seperti His Hero Is Gone, Counterblast dan From Ashes Rise. Kita juga ada rencana untuk bikin split sama Pazahora dari Singapore, Domestik Doktrin dari Bandung dan juga band2 dari kota-kota lain, yang seharusnya sudah release sewaktu kita ke Indonesia nanti.

Tiket Air Asia sudah kami beli tanggal 15th Augustus 2007, tiba di Jakarta dan pulang pula pada tanggal 21st Augustus 2007.

Buat masa ini kita confirm main di Jakarta, Bandung dan mungkin Sukabumi atau Yogyakarta. Tapi main nya tanggal berapa masih menunggu kepastian daripada organizer-organizer di kota-kota itu.

Kami pohon dukungan dalam bentuk apa sahaja yang bisa dari teman-teman semua.

Harap kita dapat ketemu nanti, Kid.

Lebih lanjut tentang kami:

Tolong sebarkan kepada teman-teman yang lain!

18 January 2007


We bought our flight tickets yesterday, meaning that Indonesian tour dates now confirmed from Wednesday 15th August 2007 until Tuesday 21st August 2007. We gonna play at least 3 main provinces in Java island, as for the time being we already got Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Anggur merah, lapen, aku kangen banget sama kalian. Kid

15 January 2007


Apparatus (http://www.myspace.com/apparatusasfukk)
Penang’s Samurai Champloo (http://www.myspace.com/samuraixchamploo)
and us, Kah-Roe-Shi.

21 January 2007, 8.30pm till 11pm, RM12
Performance Space, 2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe, Central Market, KL

This is also a benefit gig for The Ricecooker Shop. With the support from F-Code we will be putting up radical stencil art installation! Stencil Resistance! Kid