KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

29 February 2008

Finally, we got the 7"s and covers altogether! Thanks to Epi (7"s) and Jimbo (cover) for the express delivery.So whom made their advance bookings, you can pickup your copies like now (copies running out fast)!
Ricecooker shop (Annexe, Central Market KL) just ordered a few copies from us, so you should able to buy from them as well.
Nazier Papakerma is working on the cd booklet now, so finally we could expect to see the cd release soon.

28 February 2008

Available from us for RM10 each and right now we only have around 20 copies for sale.
Call us directly 013-2497199 (Kid) / 012-9127037 (Fahmi) / 016-9081485 (Tiong) to avoid disappoipments for not having a copy! As for interested distros, the wholesale price (minimum of 10copies) is SD4.50 each from Epidemic Distro.

Purple Haze! Kid