KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

09 July 2007

My bad, its not Mantul but Cianjur kids themselves. If I'm not mistaken, it's gonna be organized by DARAH MUDA D.I.Y (Cianjur)? Kid

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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 07:04:41 -0000
Subject:[indoDIYtour] Untuk gig Unabomber dan Kharoshie di Sukabumi

Dear DIY Warriors,

Kemarin saya menerima sms dari Mantul, organizer gig Unabomber dan
Kharoshie di Sukabumi yang mengatakan kalau Sukabumi membatalkan
kotanya sebagai tempat gig tersebut dikarenakan adanya kesulitan
dana untuk mengurus ijin ke polisi dan naiknya tarif tempat acara
yang biasa mereka gunakan sebelumnya.

Namun Mantul juga mengatakan kalau dia sudah mengontak anak Cianjur
dan mereka mengatakan siap untuk menghandle gig ini disana. Ini
artinya ada perubahan kota dari Sukabumi ke Cianjur dengan tanggal
yang tetap sama.

Terimakasih buat Mantul untuk kesigapannya buat langsung mencarikan
pengganti Sukabumi serta terimakasih juga buat anak Cianjur yang
sudah menyetujui mengorganize gig ini disana.

Thanks, guys!


06 July 2007

We gonna be opening for Kontrasosial jam session on 13th July, kickstarting their Malaysia - Singapore tour! Thanks Zafran and Bidan for organizing this and of course Kontrasosial for requesting our band! KID

05 July 2007

Our supposed gig in Sukabumi on 18th August transferred to Cianjur due to some problems with permit and venue's rent. But the main organizer for that particular still the same, Mantul from Proletar.

04 July 2007

A label/distro from US, Diseased Records will be co-releasing our green-colored split 7" with Pazahora along with Utarid Tapes and Epidemic.Check out the label/distro: http://www.myspace.com/diseasedrecords

Gang Green Kid

03 July 2007

7 songs in almost 12 hours (6pm until 5am)!
We never thought that its gonna be that long but luckily the recordings turned out as expected.
Thanks to Zahid, As and Niesa for keeping up with the stress level. Sorry that we took too much of your time.
On the next session we will work on the vocals and also bit of samplings, then proceed to mixing/mastering.
If everything works accordingly, we will be giving out demos during the Kontrasosial gig in Singapore and putting out this 'Shi (Death)' ep right before Raja Singa went back to Indonesia.