KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

29 May 2007

Zul now done with our website, here goes the url: www.geocities.com/excesslabourdeath

However we seems to be having problems with the bandwidth, so now we are negotiating with few close friends to share their existing host.

Anyway, we found a new a practice space in Pandan and yeah As told us that his studio in Puchong now ready for us to start recording.


28 May 2007

3:00PM, Sunday 17th June 2007
The Annexe @ Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Entry by donation


For band infos, photo, mp3 and video logon: RadioGAGA : radio-gugu.blogspot.com

17 May 2007

Revan of Raja Singa did us few brilliant artwork for our upcoming merch. Among them are tshirts, patches, stickers and buttons. Check out one of the artwork sample that he sent us for tshirts. If we managed to get our funds together, these 'submit to grief' tshirts will be available on our next show in Central Market Annexe, 13th June 2007.

We're now expecting full details from Xumb Shock System.


11 May 2007

It seems that we gonna play a mini gig somewhere in Bandung on Thursday 16th August before joining Unabomber the next day. Its just gonna be a small gathering with old friends and bands that we know. For the time being we decided not to put in on our tour flyer first (Didi-artwork, Revan-logo and Zairi-layout).

Anyway if you want the printable version of the flyer
or you if want to spread them to your friends on the net please contact us at unionofslaves@gmail.com.

We will reply back with the best version for you to print and spread on the net.

I'm going down to Singapore this 25th May to pass the Pazahora kids our printed flyers for them to spread out during their tour.

Oh ya, expect to see our official website very soon. Zul is working on it right now.

04 May 2007

This is long overdue. I recently got the chance to check them out playing a show and I must say that this is one of those new bands that everyone should check out. No demo yet but they do plan to release something somewhere in the middle of this year before they embark on their Indonesian Tour. Oh, they don’t have Myspace either (hahaha you Myspace scenester!), but they do have their own blog here. If you dig some sinister and heavy hardcore with some doom and sludge thrown in every now and then, then you should give them a try.

Be warned that the music ain’t pretty at all and you cannot score any girls/boys by name dropping them in any conversation.

- Hatta Goatkore at http://i-refused.blogspot.com/

A short review of our set in Klang last Saturday. It was another bad hair day for us, but it seems that people started to took us seriously. So maybe its not that bad after all? I dont know.

RIP - my Terrorizer World Downfall long sleeve tshirt. Kid