KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

30 December 2009

After a damn-long HIATUS, we will resurface in Johore Bahru this Saturday! 'Thanks' to Fahmi Embrace and his beloved friends, for never giving up on us.

Oh, don't forget to ask us for copies of I Remember Halloween zine latest issue which featuring an interview with Kah-Roe-Shi. You all really seems need to read more and gossip less!

18 May 2009

Regretfully, due to our vocalist tight day-job schedules, its seems that we'll not be able to play in Johore Bahru on 23rd May. Its really a bummer that we gonna miss the chance to play with all the great bands. Thousand apologies. We will try to make it the next time!

07 May 2009

‘Armchair Revolution’ t-shirts now almost gone! L and XL is no more, but S and M is still available in limited numbers. Few of them them are at the Ricecooker shop.

We came to the last copy of the limited pos-pak boxset. If time permits there will other version limited boxset in future as we already had few scratch ideas about right now.

And we’re selling the remaining copies of ‘Shi’ cds at a cheap wholesale rate and the minimum copies of 5 cds instead the normal practice of 10 cds.

Just few days back we received an awesome advance track from Fall To Their Death as both of us are in the midst of writing a collaboration tracks for our split. Definitely something that we’re really looking forward to!

04 April 2009

Embrace Hall launching party got postponed! We didnt know the exact new date yet, hopefully we could make it. To our friends in Johor and Singapore, thousand apologies. Anyway, people at Embrace are now working hard to solve the issue they're facing with their venue. Hopefully things will work out fine for them.

22 March 2009

17 March 2009

DIY shows have been very hard to set-up down south due to serious lack of venues. And all these while the kids had been relying on practice studios before it went sour again.

So now, the hardworking people at Embrace Records had taken a bold step by 'liberating' a space, dedicating it to the DIY/independent music/art scene. But again its everyone's responsibilities as well, appreciating and supporting the space. Keeping it real, alive and kicking!

We cant help to notice that the good old grindcore Sickness is also on the bill. See you all at the show!

14 March 2009

Niesa C. our propagandist, had designed us a t-shirt 'inspired' by the so called armchair revolution. We gonna play Embrace Hall first very first show, a soon to be open diy/independent space in Johor Bahru on 4th April. So most likely the t-shirts will be available that time.

The prospect of sharing that gig with Hellexist and Abysmal Fornikate making us excited now!

Anyway below are the words you might cannot read on the t-shirt pic.
An Armchair Revolution
what freedom?
what liberation?
we as a product
as another nuisance
no real change
or even progression
no real threat
only manipulation
where shallow hate
dictates all the motion
shameful tradition
a state execution
makes no difference
an armchair revolution!

17 February 2009

Shi cds re-packaged : Pos-paks, strings, suicidal notes and razor blades.
With different messages instead of numbers. And pins or stickers or patches. RM10 at local shows. Mail-order by request as only few were made. - Kid

04 February 2009

Our 'Shi' cds reported to be spotted here Blackstar Movement, Bandung, Indonesia.
For friends in Java, Indonesia, you can order our cds from them, hopefully to save on the postage cost.

PHONE :+62-22-76446008,+62-22-4220346