KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

31 October 2006


From Ricecooker Zine:

Unclogged & Cactus Distro bring you a bit of fun…
Coinciding with the release of Opposition Party’s new album earlier this year, Cactus Distro and some friends are putting together some shows for the veteran Singaporean punk band. There’ll be shows in Klang and Puchong, and the KL show is being held at Unclogged’s current haunt, Little Havana. It has been quite a long time since OP played here and the recent change in sound is another bonus to check these oldies out!

Opposition Party is (arguably) the FIRST Singaporean punk band! They started out in late 1986, a good 20 years ago! When I started doing gigs for the KL scene back in 1989/90, there were no local punk bands active and gigging, apart from Kuantan’s Hijrah that is; so when I wanted a punk band to grace gigs full of thrash-metal bands, the first band I contacted then was Opposition Party.
OP has been going through a lot of different line-up changes but mainman Francis Frightful is still there after all these years! In the mid-80s up to the early 90s, OP played raging raw punk of the British early-80s style (UK82) but later implemented a lot of metal-influences, which in a way turned me off big time!
With the relase of thier new album "Zombified" earlier this year, I heard a lot of buzz from old friends that OP is back to playing the old-style! At the point of writing I’ve only heard one tunes, but I’m sure am looking forward to the gig to hear more.

Previously known (for two gigs!) as Union of Slaves, Kah-Roe-Shi is a new project featuring Kid and Fahmi
of Mass Separation, and also Zul of Akta Angkasa on drums. The band described themselves as "doom-laden hardcore punk" and I can gleefully add that they are also experimenting with a lot of new areas, including the use of samplers and film projections.

Fresh off the rehearsal rooms, this is a project by a bunch of mysterious people doing a take on "doom metal" & "stoner rock". Tell you the truth I haven’t seen or heard them play just yet but it is still exciting nevertheless as the band members are no stranger to the local gigs. This show is gonna be the first time they play to the public, and getting their agreement was not easy, I had to threaten them with physical harm!
no site yet

You know them already lah. The Subang/Klang avant-punk, "unhinged Rolling Stones" is finally back after a very lengthy silence. This is a reunion with all the original guys, plus ex-Chong Yang, Boon on drums. The band put out their debut album a few years ago and only a handful ever got sold! So now, it’s the chance for you to evaluate the genius again! And yes, buy the CD lah! The band has a slew of dates happening after this show too!

All the way from the town where I grew-up at, Dungun, Terengganu! Melodic punk rock of the more energetic and fiery kind. This will be the first time the band play outside of Terengganu too!

Unclogged Note: We have decided to keep the show short, with only 5 bands. This is because Little Havana has this policy of no "too loud" band after 11.30 PM, as the neighbours living at the nearby apartments would complain and call the cops! With OP headlining, we can’t risk that by going over midnight. So, please be there early.
Lots of DIY/Indie releases gonna be available for sale at the show, if you have any recordings of your own or if you run a distro etc., do come and set up on the tables at the back of the room.

Do come!
and yes, never forget this mantra!
cheers, Joe Kidd

Check out Cactus Distro!

20 October 2006


Dean from Papakerma @ At Least I Speak supposed put up this show, but Ateng and friends from 28-7 Records ended up organizing it. Kudos to them, the show still goes on rather than cancelled!

Their bill was so cool with lotsa new bands to check out! But I'm too nervous to watch any bands except for Killeur Calculateur that played right before us. Nice post punk act with lotsa angst (now that is something!).

I was either chilling at the rooftop or the mamak downstairs.

Then dang! I heard good reviews about the other bands that played. Stupid me, I missed the fun eh?

Maybe it was the crowd made me so nervous. Oh well!

We're Kah-Roe-Shi and that was our last song. KID

Hell, our first show was in Penang.

We supposed to open for Curve, this touring indie rock band from Japan, but then we ended up playing last on the bill! Maybe to give way for cooler screamo bands to play first.
Our very first show, last band on the bill, playing right after the headlining band. So bad-luck ah?
People hardly know us over there (likewise here!). But some people did stayed a bit longer to watch us and dance a little bit.Good enough for a first try, I guess.
Few kids came up to me after our set, furious over my anti-racist statement in between one of our songs. Maybe they didnt get my sarcasm.

Anyway we really enjoyed our time chillin out at Blue Diamond and Line Clear with the Penang kids. They're always the best host!

Numerous trips through this very same route, Georgetown still not disappoints!

Chill la beb! KID

19 October 2006


Luckily we managed to get our samplers done two nights before our Klang gig. But thanks to that, our set was a bit messy since we only had one practice with those samplers!
Props to Zul and Niesa for helping out with the gadgets and recording.


So the next project is to add some visuals to our live set.
We got quite a lot of videos now, but still pretty ignorance about these video thingies, especially when it comes to video editing!
We would appreciate any informations regarding avant garde/experimental videos. Or regarding any online video library or anything to do with video editing. Buzz us at unionofslaves@gmail.com.
If things work out we'll be showing a raw-collage of these videos at the Opposition Party gig. Joe Kidd is so kind to find us a projector. Geez!

Now I got to write a scene report (well a sort of!) for BTBW#3. Catch you later! Kid

17 October 2006


Epidemic Distro (Singapore) will be putting out our split 7" with Pazahora (melodic neo-crust, Singapore).
Its gonna be their first vinyl release after putting out quite a number of cds.

We also gonna record a split EP with Domestik Doktrin (thrashcore, Indonesia) to support our Indonesia 2007 tour.
We're now liasing with Full Speed Ahead (Bandung, Indonesia) to put out the split. And several contacts had been made in few main cities around West Java like Jakarta, Bandung, Sukabumi and Yogyakarta, hoping to book ourselves around 4-5 shows.

Wish us luck!

Hope to see Fahmi went OD again (not, hehe)! KID


Why is it so hard to recall when was the last time I saw Opposition Party (from Singapore, more known as OP)!
Maybe it was few years back, together with Damage Digital from Japan at this now-defunct club in KL.

Anyway, OP is now a trio of punk rockers went thrash-metal and OP had been thrashing non-stop since the mid 80's.
How inspiring is that?
We gonna open for them at the next Unclogged series on Friday, 17th November @ Lil Havana.

Now where the hell that I put that denim jacket? Damn!
Cronysm is good. KID