KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

31 December 2007

We're currently facing financial obstacles to continue producing our zipper bag covers, meanwhile Zul still editing the booklet.
Anyway, we're finding our way out from this mess. Cds sounds fine, our first badge of covers also looks good.
Some friends even bought the cds without the booklets.
Labels and friends, thanks for the patience and understanding, we know that now it started to feels like forever. Kid

10 December 2007

Our cds hopefully gonna be available very soon. We already sent our master cd to the pressing plant last Saturday. If everything goes well 1000 copies of our cds will be ready after the next 7 working days. Thanks to Borhan Bullwhip, Saha Embrace and Mazmi Strain Eyes for their help and advices regarding cd pressings. Not forgetting Wuck Fall To Their Death whom did the editing for our enhanced video on the master cd.

Arrangements had been made for the cover, inlay and almost all the needed materials are ready. So we should be busy on the production anytime now. Wish us luck!

Akta Angkasa is still on tour with Spartak. So no luck getting Zul to practice yet. Let us to try to beg him again. Kid