KAH-ROE-SHI 'SHI' cd released by 13 local DIY labels!

28 October 2008

We're still starstrucked from the almost What Happens Next set! We're also glad that Conquest for Death turned out to be very friendly as well, thanks for covering those WHN hits and CFD cds! We also got to know that our Dave (Straight Jacket Nation, Pisschrist from Melbourne, Australia) were filling in for Alex during this CFD tour, how nice it feels to meet an old friend again.

This time our set took a bit longer than usual, being stopped twice due to our gadget power failure, we also played more songs (2 new songs and a WHN cover, which we had Devon himself singing along).
Thanks to Third Arm for inviting us to play the CFD KL leg and their compilation cd release party. And another huge thanks to Niesa Assault for all her efforts, we managed to use our x-ray light props (human skulls with some dark room effects)!

But apart from being our happiest moment, Third Arm had to bare RM800 loss because of the low attendants of paying crowd. Somehow expected. However, we hope everyone in the DIY scene to take this as something positive at least, to realize that we all really need to push ourselves harder, to support each other DIY projects and not to waste much time worrying about the scene politic mongers!

20 October 2008

Conquest For Death (US) is coming down to KL this Sunday and we're really fortunate to get a gig with them. We gonna cover 'Museifu Shugi Banzai' from their old but still inspiring band, 'What Happens Next?', which we believe is everyone's favorite number too. Here goes the lyrics to refresh your bandana-thrashcore memories!

Museifu Shugi Banzai -
Kamisan Irane
Oshisho Irane
Seijika Irane
Omawari Irane x2
Omae no rule nante irane
Ore wa jibun de kimerareru x2
Museifu shugi banzai

08 October 2008

After rounds of giving out the mp3, I managed to spot someone uploaded the anticipated Substance remix by Ucok (Homicide) on the net.

Sometimes you found Kah-Roe-Shi in most weird places, DOWNLOAD the remix here!